Kerala Neem G

Vehicle data
Basic model: Kerala Neem G
Type / Description:  3 Wheeler
Category of the vehicle:  L5M

Type / Description: Handle Bar Steering
Ratio: 1:1

Type / Description: Swing Arm Suspension at the front and Leaf Spring Suspension at the rear
Shock absorbers: Front – 2 Nos Hydraulic, Telescopic, Rear – 2 Nos Hydraulic, Telescopic

Service brake: (Brief description) Dual Hydraulic Circuit with TMC, Single control acting on all wheels.
Front (Disc / Drum): Drum – Hydraulic
Rear (Disc / Drum): Drum – Hydraulic
Parking brake: Mechanical

Wheels and tyres
Wheel rim size; OD – 231 mm, ID – 136.5 mm
Tyre size designation including ply rating: 4.00” – 8” (6 PR)
Speed index: E
Load index / Load rating: 76
Tyre Type: Cross, Tube

Weights (in kg)
Vehicle kerb weight :310 Kgs
Vehicle kerb weight together with rider (reference weight) :460 Kgs
Gross Vehicle Weight :600 Kgs

Description of The Traction Battery
Kind of Electro – Chemical Couple: Lithium Ion
Nominal Voltage (V): 60 V
Battery Maximum Thirty Minutes Power (Constant Power Discharge) (kW) :5.4 kW
Battery Capacity, Ah in 2 h :90 Ah

Traction Motor
Make: KAL
Working Principle: BLDC
Direct current / alternating current / number of phases: D C
Separate excitation / series / compound: Separate
Type: Dual Geared
Use : Mono motor / multi motors (number): Mono
Maximum Power (kW): 2.2 kW
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